Brother Johnny Yates- Historian, Lancaster Lodge #104

What is Freemasonry?


Freemasonry is the oldest and the largest fraternal order in the world. It is a universal brotherhood of men dedicated to serving God, family, fellowman and country.

Although the moral philosophy of Freemasonry is founded upon religious principles, it is not a religion, nor is it a substitute for religion. Candidates for membership (adult males) are however, expected to profess a belief in God, and be of good moral character.

What is Freemasonry? "A Fraternity designed to take good men and make them better."

Definition of Freemasonry: "Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols."


Where in the Masonic World is Journeyman Johnny Yates?


Lancaster 104 (Called Meeting)

Meeting at the Scottish Rite Temple Covington, KY

May 2010

Photo by Fred Byant

After meeting with Brothers

Brent Morris, Barry Easthan (Greenup 89), Johnny Yates (Lancaster 104), Robert Smith (Henry Barnes 607) & Chris Hodapp


Etoile Polaire #1 (New Orleans)

April 2010

Photo by Robert Smith


Photo by Robert Smith

In the East in the Chair Albert Pike sat in



Supreme Council of the 33º (Washington D.C.)

May 2009

Photo by Marty Troglen

Brother Art De Hoyos hosted a Q&A for the Fellows Conference at the House of the Temple


Photo by Marty Troglen

Fellows Conference at the Supreme Council

Sovereigm Grand Commander Ron Seale seating me in the East to close conference (Teaching Tool ONLY) Still Very Cool



United Grand Lodge of England (London, England)

June 2008

Photo by David Peabody



Quatuor Coronati Lodge 2076 (London, England)

The Premier Lodge of Masonic Research

Festive Board Following Meeting

June 2008

Photos by Anthony Baker & David Peabody

Fellowship at the Festive Board with Brothers of Quatuor Coronati following meeting.



Lodge Langside 955 (Glasgow, Scotland)

June 2008

Photo by Kenny MacKay

WM Bill Daly Lodge Langside, Glasgow, No 955, on the Roll of The Grand Lodge of Scotland

Giving Honorary Membership to Johnny Yates of Lancaster 104



Masonic sites of Scotland

June 2008

Celtic Lodge 291 (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Photos by Bill Daly


Scottish Rite Supreme Council (Washington DC)

July 2008

Photo by Andrew Austin Yates

Visit with Brent Morris at the Supreme Council of the 33º in Washington D.C. 
Dr. Morris is also the Master of Quatuor Coronati in London, England this year.


George Washington Masonic National Memorial (Alexandria, Virginia)

April 2008

Photos by Andrew Austin & Renee' Yates

My wife Renee' and I are standing at the top of the steps, "Every" U.S. Mason should visit this, "OUR" Masonic Monument

with George Washington's Master's chair


Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Supreme Council of the 33º (Washington D.C.)

With Dean Alban at the Supreme Council 33º and Tour Guide Jules Tepper (Past Grand Master of Washington D.C.)

Father and Son on a Spring Day at the House of the Temple

Photos by Andrew Austin & Renee' Yates


The George Washington Gavel

December 2007

Photo by Cloyd J. Bumgardner (Public Relations, Grand Lodge of Kentucky)

Lancaster 104 Lodge Historian (Johnny Yates) pictured with The George Washington Gavel while visiting Landmark 41 in Versailles, KY.

* Our first President and Brother, George Washington used this gavel to in the ceremonial laying of the corner stone of the Capitol Building

The George Washington Gavel information:

The following Presidents of the United States, all Master Masons but two, have either used or been present at the using of the Gavel on the occasions cited below:

James K. Polk in the laying of the cornerstone of the Smithsonian Building, May 1, 1847.
Millard Fillmore in the laying of the cornerstone of the extension of the U. S. Capitol, July 4, 1851.
James Buchanan at the dedication of the Equestrian Statue of George Washington, February 22, 1860.
William McKinley at the George Washington Centennial Observance at Mt. Vernon, December 14, 1899.
Theodore Roosevelt at the celebration of the sesquicentennial date on which General Washington received the Master Mason's degree, November 2, 1902; in laying the cornerstone of the House Office Building, April 14, 1906; and again, in laying the cornerstone of the Masonic Temple, 801 13th Street, N.W., June 8, 1907.
William H. Taft in laying the cornerstone of the All Souls Unitarian Church, February 13, 1913.
Warren G. Harding in laying the cornerstone of the Washington Victory Memorial, November 14, 1921.
Herbert Hoover in laying the cornerstone of the Department of Commerce, June 10, 1929 and the Department of Labor, December 15, 1932.
Harry S. Truman in the Centennial Observance of the cornerstone laying of the Washington Monument, July 1, 1948, this being a repeat engagement for the Gavel as it was used to lay the original cornerstone of the Monument, Jul 1, 1848.
Dwight D. Eisenhower when it was used to lay the cornerstone of the new extension of the U. S. Capitol building, July 4, 1959.

* Potomac Lodge was singularly honored by having Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II personally use the Gavel in laying the cornerstone of the addition to the British Embassy, October 19, 1957.



Masonic sites of Scotland (April 2007)

* Scotland is acknowledged as having some of the oldest Speculative Masonic Lodges

1) Grand Lodge of Scotland Museum & Library

2) Rosslyn Chapel (Scotland)

3) Canongate Kilwinning No. 2 (Scotland)

Photo by Drew Johnston (Museum Tour Guide,Grand Lodge of Scotland) / Other Photos by Andrew Austin Yates


1) With Robert L. D. Cooper Curator of The Grand Lodge of Scotland Museum & Library / Brother Bob Cooper is a renowned author and expert on Masonic History

2) Standing outside Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh Scotland. Rosslyn Chapel is filled with Masonic & Knight Templar symbolism. This sculpture on the outside Chapel wall shows a blindfolded man being lead with a cable tow around his neck. His guide wears a cross on his chest.

3) Sitting in the Master's Chair during a tour of Canongate Kilwinning Masonic Lodge No. 2. Canongate Kilwinning is the site where Robert Burns (a Freemason) was made Poet Laureate of Scotland.



Masonic History FYI


  • As of 2005 there were 12,500 Masonic Lodges and about 1.7 million Freemasons in America.
  • Have you heard of the Scottish Rite 32 nd Degree Masons, the York Rite Knights Templar, or the Shriners? All are Brothers in our fraternity of Freemasonry.
  • Philanthropy - North America Masonic philanthropies contribute over $2 million a day of which 70 percent goes to the general public.
  • Words and phrases that come from Freemasonry: ‘ being square with someone’, ‘ on the level’.


A few famous Freemasons :

“Buzz” Aldrin – Astronaut

Montclair Lodge No. 144, New Jersey


Stephen F. Austin – “Father of Texas” helped colonize the territory

Louisiana Lodge No. 109, Missouri


Daniel Boone – Early explorer of Kentucky

Said to be a Mason by his son


Omar Bradley – Five-star General in World War II

West Point Lodge No. 877, New York


James Buchanan – 15 th President of the United States

Lancaster Lodge No. 43, Pennsylvania


Winston Churchill – Prime Minister of England during World War II

Studholme Lodge No. 1591, England


Samuel Clemens “ Mark Twain” – Writer

Polar Star Lodge No. 79, Missouri


Davy Crockett – Frontiersman and U.S. Representative 1827-1835

Lodge unknown


John Elway – Hall of Fame quarterback

South Denver Lodge No. 93, Colorado


Gerald R. Ford – 38 th President of the United States

Malta Lodge No. 465, Michigan


Benjamin Franklin – Signer of Constitution of the United States

Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania


James A. Garfield – 12 th President of the United States

Columbus Lodge No. 246, Ohio


George VI – King of England during World War II

Naval Lodge No. 2612, England


John Glen – Astronaut and U.S. Senator

Concord Lodge No. 688, Ohio


John Hancock – President of the Continental Congress / 1 st signer of the Declaration of Independence

St. Andrew’s Lodge, Massachusetts


Warren G. Harding – 29 th President of the United States

Marion Lodge No. 70, Ohio


J. Edgar Hoover – Director of the FBI (1924-1972)

Federal Lodge No. 1, District of Columbia


Sam Houston – First President of the Republic of Texas

Cumberland Lodge No. 8, Tennessee


Andrew Jackson – 7 th President of the United States

Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Tennessee


Andrew Johnson – 17 th President of the United States

Greenville Lodge No. 19, Tennessee


William McKinley – 25 th President of the United States

Hiram Lodge No. 21, Virginia


James Monroe – 5 th President of the United States

Williamsburg Lodge No. 6, Virginia


James K. Polk – 11 th President of the United States

Columbia Lodge No. 31, Tennessee


Paul Revere – American revolutionary

Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Massachusetts


Franklin D. Roosevelt – 32 nd President of the United States

Holland Lodge No. 8, New York


Theodore Roosevelt – 26 th President of the United States

Matinecock Lodge No. 806, New York


Colonel Harland Sanders – Fonder of Kentucky Fried Chicken

Hugh Harris Lodge No. 938, Kentucky


William Howard Taft – 27 th President of the United States

Kilwinning Lodge No. 356, Ohio


Harry S. Truman – 33 rd President of the United States

Belton Lodge No. 450, Missouri


George Washington – 1 st President of the United States

Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4, Virginia


John Wayne – Actor

Marion McDaniel Lodge No. 56, Arizona


Other Famous Masons: Voltaire, Robert Burns, Mozart, Rudyard Kipling, John Philip Sousa, Arnold Palmer, Roy Rogers, Will Rogers, Sir Walter Scott, Jonathan Swift, Franz Listz, Charles Lindbergh, Marquis de Lafayette, General Douglas MacArthur, John Paul Jones, Patrick Henry, Franz Joseph Haydn, Henry Ford, Sir Alexander Fleming, Harry Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Buffalo Bill Cody, Ty Cobb, Lewis & Clark, Admiral Richard Byrd,


* There have been Kings and Presidents as well as noted actors and writers who have belonged to our fraternity. But Freemasons are men in all walks of life who you may see everyday. The factory worker, shop keeper, policeman, teacher, salesman, plumber or construction worker might be Masons. We may have many different titles but We are ALL Brothers.